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Continental ContiEcoContact 5: An attractive first contact

New tyres Published the 06/01/2011

We had the opportunity to test the new ContiEcoContact 5 tyre at the wheel of an Audi A1 in the Porto region in Portugal. The test was more of a handover than a trial, but it nevertheless left us with some rather pleasant driving sensations.

Audi A1 fitted with ContiEcoContact 5 tyres Copyright © : Continental

We tested the ContiEcoContact at the same time as the ContiSportContact 5. Invited to the Porto region in Portugal, we drove a varied itinerary that was unfortunately too short to be able to test this tyre in optimal conditions.

Continental was claiming excellent performance on braking distances and rolling resistance; it would have been ideal to have had workshops to measure these variables. Otherwise, we had to be content with a brief yet instructive drive.

Audi A1 fitted with ContiEcoContact 5 tyresCopyright © : Continental


Satisfactory in all domains

Off we took at the wheel of our little Audi A1 1.2l 86 hp, fitted with 185/60 R 15 T. The required 20 km route brought us over a road scattered with potholes and paving stones. Continental wanted us to appreciate the excellent filtration properties of its tyre. It was indeed a conclusive drive.

Then we headed into a route winding through eucalyptus forests where the natives drive fast. We made the most of it to try a sportier drive. It must be said that, combined with the rigorous drive trains of the Audi, the ContiEcoContact does a good job.

More academically, Continental's green tyre is very satisfying. Handling is reassuring and predictable. Only the noise level was unequal depending on the surface quality of the road.

Picture of ContiEcoContact 5 tyreCopyright © : Continental

To confirm or deny the performances claimed by Continental we had to wait for the tyre to be tested by organisations such as the Adac, TüV etc… according to a scientific methodology, to measure the level of performance against its competitors.