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Cinturato Winter, Pirelli’s adaptive winter tyre

New tyres Published the 15/09/2016 by Tiphaine Rebondy

The summer break is over and tyre manufacturers are back to work! Pirelli is already preparing winter with the launch of its new Cinturato Winter, which promises to deliver comfort and safety during the cold months. This winter tyre features a few technological innovations that we will discuss now.

Cinturato Winter, Pirelli’s winter tyre Drive through winter with Pirelli’s new Cinturato Winter tyres! - Copyright © : Pirelli

Cinturato Winter: a focus on comfort and safety

Pirelli, known for its sports tyres (Pzero range), kicks off the autumn season with a new winter tyre from its famous Cinturato range, the Cinturato Winter.

Designed for vehicles used for professional use, the Italian tyre manufacturer has focused part of its expertise on delivering even more grip in winter conditions.

Pirelli Cinturato Winter  - winter markingsCopyright © : Pirelli

Drawing inspiration from the acoustic comfort of summer tyres, the Cinturato Winter tyre offers a 6 db reduction in road noise compared with its direct competitors. The brand has worked on this seasonal tyre to provide city cars and compact SUVs with the same level of driving comfort as that of a summer tyre, recognised as being quieter than winter tyres. Indeed, winter tyres feature grooves and sipes in the tread pattern that generate more noise.

Tested in extreme conditions on Iceland's glaciers, Pirelli has also taken innovative steps to improve the tyre's tread design in order to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and shorten braking distances in all winter weather conditions.


A winter tyre that talks about wear

The Pirelli Cinturato Winter has an original marking that clearly talks about its level of wear. On the new tyre’s tread, you can read “Now Snow”. When the tread wears down, the marking “No Snow” appears meaning that snow performance is compromised. As such, the driver can see quickly and precisely if his winter tyre can still deliver maximum safety.

Pirelli Cinturato Winter marked Now SnowCopyright © : Pirelli

Pirelli deploys cutting edge technologies

  • Shorter braking distances: the “Multiactive 4D Sipe” technology puts the numerous sipes that line up in the same direction to the test, to improve the effects of traction and braking. When braking on snow, these sipes compress the tread to stop in a short distance; conversely, when more traction is needed these same sipes open to grip the snow. In wet conditions, these sipes adopt a movement that heats the tread to increase the tyre’s ability to grip the road. 
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning: the “arrow” tread block layout and the shape of lateral grooves (narrow at the centre and wider at the sidewall) in the tread design accelerates the evacuation of water through grooves to reduce the aquaplaning phenomenon. 

  • Noise comfort: with 66 dB, Pirelli announces lower noise levels than its competitors tyres (tyre size 195/65 R15). The specific design of sipes in the tread and grooves in three different dimensions, helps distribute the sound to significantly reduce noise levels. 


For intensive use

For the Cinturato Winter, Pirelli has focused on maximum stability: strong grip and short braking distances. This new tyre provides driving safety in all winter conditions, the driving pleasure and comfort normally associated with the low road noise of a summer tyre which may be specifically suitable for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Designed for the European market and in particular, countries where winter tyres are strongly recommended (or mandatory), the Cinturato Winter meets the needs of drivers who cover a high mileage and make intensive use of their vehicle.

The new Pirelli winter tyre is available in sizes ranging from 14 to 17-inches.