New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32C, a winter tyre for small vans

Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32C, a winter tyre for small vans

New tyres Published the 02/01/2012 by Harry

Stronger snow traction, better wet braking and enhanced wear resistance: The new winter tyre from Bridgestone has much to offer. Designed for small vans, the Blizzak LM-32C is largely based on the technology used for the LM-32, the brand’s winter tyre for passenger cars.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32C, winter tyre for small vans Copyright © : Bridgestone

With the Blizzak LM-32C, Bridgestone has extended its offer with a winter tyre designed for car-derived vans and small vehicles up to 3 tons. Performances have been improved compared with the LM-18C, the predecessor of the LM-32C: Better snow traction, shorter wet braking distances and more than 10% higher mileage.

 Improved snow and wet grip, stable handling

 The unidirectional tread design is based on the Blizzak LM-32, a winter tyre for passenger cars. It is designed to offer top performance on snow and wet roads without compromising dry handling.

The tread pattern of the Blizzak LM-32C uses a multi-angle sipe technology to maximise grip on compact snow.  Numerous transversal grooves ensure strong grip on fresh and powder snow. Deep longitudinal grooves clear water and slush to limit the risk of aquaplaning. Finally, 3D sipes in the shoulder blocks improve handling even with heavy loads.

 High mileage

 To improve its tyre’s mileage and durability, Bridgestone has developed a new tread compound and has used lighter construction materials.  

The high silica content compound used for the tread pattern improves both wet grip and rolling resistance while extending the tyre’s service life. According to Bridgestone, the tests performed on the Blizzak LM-32C show that it delivers a 10% higher mileage than the LM-18C as well as 21% improved wear on the drive axle.

 Furthermore, the LM-32C has a lighter belt and an optimised carcass to improve longevity when used for professional purposes.

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