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Apollo Aspire 4 G: Technology

New tyres Published the 23/05/2012 by Jack

With its aggressive asymmetric tread, the Aspire 4G clearly states its sporty character. To deliver high performance, Apollo engineers have concentrated on the tyre’s stiffness, tread pattern and tread compound.

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Tread pattern
With a wide outer shoulder and narrow intermediate grooves, the Apollo Aspire 4G offers good dry handling.  Wide circumferential grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning and enhance grip in wet conditions.  Apollo announces shorter braking distances in both wet and dry conditions.  These results have still to be confirmed through independent tests. However, the Apollo Amazer 3 received high praise during recent tests organised by Adac, which is encouraging.

The tread pattern, optimised for stiffness, offers high steering precision and responds precisely to any steering corrections.  This tyre aims to provide both driving pleasure and safety. This stiffness combined with the tread design provides an even contact pressure distribution resulting in even wear as well as relatively low noise levels.

Tread compound
To achieve maximum performance, Apollo has developed a high styrene SBR and a high vinyl SSBR compound with a high silica content. This solution enhances both wet and dry grip while offering improved handling.

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