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Apollo Aspire 4 G: An Indian high performance tyre

New tyres Published the 24/05/2012 by Jack

Three years after acquiring Vredestein, the Indian tyre manufacturer Apollo continues to increase its share of the European market by launching a high performance tyre. The Aspire 4G, developed by Netherlands based engineers, targets high performance cars such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes.

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With the Aspire 4G, Apollo has much at stake. Indeed, this ultra high performance (UHP) tyre is geared to boost the Indian tyre manufacturer’s entire product range, still relatively unknown in Europe. Apollo intends to compete with the best UHP tyres in its category: The Nokian Z G2, Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 K117 or the Yokohama AS01.

To complete its project, Apollo has combined the expertise of its engineers with Vredestein engineers, the Dutch tyre manufacturer acquired three years ago, within a cutting edge research and development department  This combination of skills has enabled Apollo to develop a tyre totally geared up for the “European market”. Delivering a high sporty performance, the Aspire 4G is aimed at large saloons such as the BMW 5-Series, the Audi A6 or the Mercedes E-Class.


• Superior handling
• Enhanced wet performance
• Good dry grip
• Low noise level
• Low rolling resistance


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Further Information

Photo Projet Lotus Exige Apollo EvonikCopyright © : All rights reserved

The Apollo Evonik Lotus Exige project

To demonstrate its excellent energy efficient tyre, Apollo has joined with forces Evonik, a German chemical company and Lotus, the car manufacturer. Together, they have developed a prototype based on a Lotus Exige delivering high performance and significant fuel savings.

Evonik has provided special materials and modified several parts to reduce the car’s weight, including Plexiglas windows.

As a result of these changes and the Apollo Aspire 4G tyres, the Exige offers fuel savings of up to 8%. The rolling resistance is reduced by around 10% with these tyres.