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Nexen Roadian M/T
Roadian M/T
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  • Comfort : not yet rated
  • Economy : not yet rated
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Nexen Roadian M/T

    • 4x4 off road tyre
    • Off-road traction
    • Tyre can be studded

      Description of the Nexen Roadian M/T tyre

      Suitable for use with off-road 4x4s, the Nexen Roadian MT is a good value for money tyre for off-road driving.

      Drivability: the tyre’s cutaway tread with deep grooves provides traction on muddy ground and gravel. The tread groove design has been created to quickly disperse water and increase drivability. The special rubber compound improves grip on dry and wet ground. Tyre can be studded to offer traction on snow.

      Robustness: the reinforced shoulder provides protection against impacts and tearing.

      Technical specs for the Nexen Roadian M/T tyre

      • Type of vehicle: 4x4
      • Tyre range: Off-road
      • Season: Summer
      • Green tyre: No
      • Wheel diameters: 15’’, 16’’
      • Speed rating: Q

      Dimensions available for the NEXEN Roadian M/T tyre

      15" tyre dimensions
      235 75 R15 104Q
      16" tyre dimensions
      265 75 R16 123Q
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