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Marangoni The intelligent tyre

Marangoni information

Based in Trento, near Verona, Italy, the Marangoni Group is heavily involved in the tyre business. A solid 50-year history in the rubber industry helped the company to grow rapidly in its new business over the last few years.


Important dates :

1950:  Marangoni developed their distribution network in Italy.

1960:  The company began to industrialize their retreading operations. 

1980: Marangoni became a leader in the European retreading market, eventually expanding to tyres for trucks and cearthmover vehicles.

1990: The company began to manufacture car tyres. A new worn tyre recycling process was also developed, which created energy from burned tyres.

2000:  Marangoni goes international by opening factories in Brazil and the United States.  

In addition to tyres for cars, 4x4s, and vans, Marangoni also manufactures truck tyres.

The Marangoni Group’s core activities are truck and earthmover vehicle tyre retreading, and worn tyre recycling.

Competition / sports sponsorship

Motor racing:

European Hill Climb Championship:

  • Marangoni Zeta Linea Racing tyres fit Simone Faggioli’s Osella FA30. This year, Marangoni-Faggioli won six races out of eleven in the European Hill Climb Championship.