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Kleber’s historical milestones

1911: The BFGoodrich tyre brand opened up its first factory in France in Colombes, near Paris, where the first tyre was produced on December 8, 1911.  In 1945, the company opened their headquarters in the Avenue Kleber, in Paris.  The company re-branded itself to Kleber-Colombes.

1951: The tyre brand introduced the first tyre with a built-in tube - “a tubeless tyre” – that signalled how much advanced the brand was in this technology compared to other manufacturers.

1968: The tyre brand changed its name to Kleber, and, in 1971, the boxer became the Kleber mascot.

1981: World Rally Vice-Champion Michèle Mouton drove an Audi car on Kleber tyres, She was the first woman to win a round of races in a world championship.

1981: Michelin became the majority shareholder of Kleber.