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Goodyear information

Founded in 1898 by Franck Seiberling in Akron, Ohio, Goodyear is now number 3 in the international tyre market, with15% market share.  It is number one in the United States and Latin America. 

Present in the five continents, the group sold 30 million tyres in 2008 and its gross sales amounted to 19.5 billion dollars (around £12 billion), netting 77 million dollars (£48 million).  

At the end of 2008 Goodyear employed 74,500 employees worldwide and had 63 factories in 25 countries.

Goodyear developed the first tyre with integrated room, the “tubeless” tyre(1903) and the Runflat tyre, with reinforced sides that allow the tyre to run even after a puncture (1992). 

Apart from the automobile sector, Goodyear is present in the truck, earthmover and aviation tyre markets.


Important dates:

1898 : Franck Seiberling founded Goodyear, named for the inventor of the vulcanisation process, in a small  sawmill on the Cuyahoga river,  in eastern Ohio.

1903 : Debut of the tubeless tyre for cars.

1912 : The first Goodyear airship launched.

1921 : Launch of the Rut-Proof  all-terrain tyre.

1927 : Launch of the all season tyre with a groove profile.

1934 : Developement of studded snow tyres and production of the first tyres for earthmover vehicles.

1935 : Acquisition of  The Kelly Springfield Tire Company, which became a publicly traded subisidiary.

1947 : Development of the nylon tyre.

1970 : The Apollo 14 lunar vehicle is equipped with Goodyear XLT tyres.

1977 : Launch of Tiempo, an all season tyre specially adapted to the American market.

1987 : Launch of  ZR-S, a high performance tyre with a Z speed rating (more than 240 km/h).

1992 : Launch of Aquatred, a tyre that resists aquaplaning.

1992 : Launch of Runflat, a tyre that still runs after a puncture. The GS-C EMT is still operable up to 80 - 90 km/h.

2007 : Collaboration with NASA to develop tyres for lunar and Martian exploration.

Competition / sports sponsorship

Automobile competition:

  • Goodyear is the exclusive tyre supplier for Nascar, the stock-car racing organisation, the most popular autosport in the United States.