Know the Fulda tyre better. To know more about the origins and history.

Fulda information

Fulda is German tyre brand, part of the GoodYear Group. 


History highlights:

1900:  The Fulda company was founded, and named after its city.

1915:  Fulda began manufacturing truck tyres.

1933:  The first Fulda car tyre was developed.

1952: Fulda began developing winter tyres. 

1962: Goodyear bought out Fulda. 

1987:  The first Fulda 4x4 tyre was introduced. 

2007:  Fulda introduced their first fuel saving tyre.


Fulda’s tyre sales amount to some 10 million units per year.

In addition to tyres for cars, vans, and 4x4s; Fulda manufactures truck and agricultural tyres.

Competition / sports sponsorship

Competitive sporting events:

  • In 1999, Fulda began the Fulda Challenge: an alpine sporting event that takes place in Northern Europe.