Features - Yokohama opens a store at the Nürburgring!

Yokohama opens a store at the Nürburgring!

Features Published the 30/07/2010 by Julien

Yokohama is upgrading its positioning strategy by linking its name with that of the Nürburgring by opening a store inside the track.

Yokohama store in NürburgringCopyright © : Yokohama
Quite a symbolically strong decision, as the Green Hell track has become a veritable myth across the whole world, and is now used as a development platform for numerous car makers and manufacturers.

The most recent outstanding examples are the Dunlop Quattromaxx tyres, the very cornerstone communication being the record they enabled it to beat on this track. Not forgetting Toyo with the R888 in partnership with Renault Sport shodding the very fast R26-R.

But the store will be more of a showcase, as the only tyres there will be for show, whereas the items sold will be regalia-type products (caps, watches etc...).