Features - Yokohama: eco-manufacturer

Yokohama: eco-manufacturer

Features Published the 06/09/2010

The Japanese manufacturer has just reached “Zero total emissions” at its Hangzhou saloon car tyre production plant in China.

Waste sorting and storage is the watchword of the Japanese group which continues to add to its list of « Zero total emissions » production plants. This expression quite simply means that no waste is expelled into the environment. This feat has been made possible due to the construction of an area for the discharge and sorting of waste based on the specific properties of the waste.

For Yokohama, this is more generally a corporate culture in which all of the personnel is made aware of the effort required and is regularly subjected to checks. The management make no secret of the group’s target to become a top ranking « eco-responsible » business.

And it seems to be off to a good start since the eight production plants in Japan are all certified « Zero total emissions » and the aim for 2011 is for all of the group’s production plants to comply with the « Zero emissions » standard. The standard is a hair’s breadth from excellence, since it stipulates that less than 1 % of the waste produced is not recyclable and is therefore buried.