Features - The Volvo flop

The Volvo flop

Features Published the 05/08/2010

In front of a brace of journalists from all over the world, the demonstration of the Volvo S60 equipped with the « city safe » system, supposed to detect an obstacle and trigger emergency braking, came to a sorry end.

All the national press had made the journey to Sweden in order to attend the demonstration of the new braking system fitted to the Volvo S60. And it goes without saying, that for the Swedish car maker, this was an important event.

And naturally, nothing went as planned as the video shot by a journalist from the « Wired » site shows. The system didn’t trigger, the vehicle did not avoid the truck and jammed itself under the trailer.

More impressive than dangerous, as the car was driven by a dummy, but we can easily image Volvo’s embarrassment, who privilege the safety aspect as a sales argument. To the car maker’s credit, the journalist from « Wired » reported that the other demonstrations went perfectly, but the impact of the image is sufficient to taint the car maker’s brand image.

At the source of the flop, a faulty battery fitted to this pre-production model and the famous dummy which did not detect a system malfunction. Nevertheless reassuring for the owners of this fine Swedish product who will know how to make the right decision in this type of circumstance.