Features - Stricter tyre import regulations in Malaysia

Stricter tyre import regulations in Malaysia

Features Published the 27/01/2010

Rapidly growing Kuala Lampur is the largest city in Malaysia. As the number of drivers increases in Kuala Lampur(KL), so do opportunites for the tyre industry. It is currently estimated that 3-5% of KL drivers currently drive on regrooved tyres.

The regrooved tyres-- which are primarily made primarily for lorries and trucks,  are driven  in  the bucolic areas of Malaysia. In addition to improved mileage, regrooved tyres are often a much cheaper tyre option for local drivers. A tyre may only be regrooved if it is marked as ²regrooveable² and of course, regrooving is not recommended if the tyre shows any signs of major damage such as punctures or a torn tread. In order to improve road safety in Malaysia, the Transport Ministry now requires a permit for importing regrooved tyres into the country.