Features - Rubber, the serial-killer tyre!

Rubber, the serial-killer tyre!

Features Published the 02/08/2010 by Julien

After a first full-length film in the form of a satirical production (Steak), and recognition on the music scene under the pseudo Mr. Oizo, Quentin Dupieux is back with Rubber for its premier showing on 15th May at the International Critic Week.

Pneus en feu pour le film Rubber

A completely crazy film which although not smelling of sulphur, smells of rubber, with the actor being a tyre whose main occupation is to blow the head off anyone who is unfortunate enough to get in its path. Difficult to put this hurror (mix of humour and horror) into a category.

A totally wild subject, putting Rubber into the category of unclassifiables, which could make this a completely cult film for the connoisseur public. Let’s be clear about this, although in the first instance the film looks to be a vast farce, its aesthetics, its soundtrack (penned by a member of Justice), and its cast are of a quality which has already won over numerous critics.

For example, here is the conclusion in l'Express:

A film of unbridled creativity and wierd humour, Rubber is a homage to surrealism, the fourth dimension and cinematographic lies, via an incrustation which unfortunately is not used quite well enough. There is no point in looking in Rubber for the answers to questions which in any case, no-one is asking. Rubber is a UFO, an experience to savour. Already a cult film.

We will not hesitate to share our impressions of this film with you in the near future.... at the risk of never looking at tyres like before.

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