Features - rezulteo comes to Germany

rezulteo comes to Germany

Features Published the 09/11/2010 by B.

After deploying its concept in Great Britain, Russia and Spain, rezulteo is opening a site in Germany. It is designed to meet the expectations of expert and demanding consumers.

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Germany; leading European tyre market 

  • Sales of tyres for passenger cars amounted to nearly 45 million units in 2009, compared to slightly less than 30 million in France and 20 million in Great Britain (Source Europool);

German drivers – demanding consumers 

German drivers pay special attention to their car tyres. They are especially sensitive to the following aspects:

  • Design. In Germany, oversized rims with flattering designs are often fitted to enhance the performances and look of the car.
  • Safety. Winter tyres make up a considerable proportion of sales (50%), as legislation requires drivers to fit tyres that can cope with winter conditions that are often harsh. 
    Moreover, as there is no speed limit on some motorways, drivers purchase tyres with high speed ratings (20% of sales). (Source: BRV)
  • Comfort. German drivers are sensitive to rolling noise and the driving sensations transmitted by the tyres.

Services to facilitate tyre purchases 

Like on the other European sites, www.rezulteo-reifen.de offers numerous services designed to facilitate visitors' purchases:

  • A configurer to find the most suitable tyres for the car and driving style from among more than 50 brands and several thousands of references.
  • A comparer to compare the prices collected every day from nearly 20 000 physical and online sales outlets.
  • A geolocation function for finding nearby dealers and fitters.
  • Practical advice to help in choosing, purchasing and maintaining tyres.
  • Information about the tyre world, from new products to F1, including 4x4 and rally passion.

>> Discover the German rezulteo site www.rezulteo-reifen.de