Features - Pirelli’s Cinturato tyres race to the top

Pirelli’s Cinturato tyres race to the top

Features Published the 18/12/2009

Tests independently carried out by Dekra and the TUV showed that the Cinturato P6 and the Cinturato P7 are the tyres that best comply with safety and environmental impact demands.

During trials, the two organizations clearly honoured the performance of the Cinturato P7 as best ecological tyre in its category thanks to the reduction in emissions gained.  Fuel and emissions are reduced by 4%.  There are other benefits too like higher mileage obtained and higher safety levels on dry and wet roads.  As well as these ecological characteristics, the Cinturato P6 was noted for being the safest tyre in its category in all the tests conducted: aquaplaning, road holding and braking on wet and dry roads.

Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo, have all chosen the Pirelli Cinturato P7 to equip their vehicles.