Features - Pirelli Calendar: Steve McCurry celebrates vibrant Rio de Janiero

Pirelli Calendar: Steve McCurry celebrates vibrant Rio de Janiero

Features Published the 06/12/2012 by Hannah

Pirelli has asked photojournalist Steve McCurry to shoot the 2013 edition of its calendar with the vibrant backdrop of Rio de Janiero as its setting. The result is a baroque photo shoot celebrating feminine beauty and the vibrancy of an eclectic city. By mixing international top models and street scenes, the American photographer offers us a moment of pure grace.

2013 Pirelli's calendar Mc Curry's 2013 Pirelli's calendar revisits Rio de Janeiro - Copyright © : Pirelli


The photographer: Steve McCurry

By asking American photojournalist Steve McCurry to shoot the 2013 edition of its legendary calendar, Pirelli wanted to give a new dimension to this glamorous event which rounds off the year.

Steve Mc Curry's portraitCopyright © : All Rights Reserved
Photographer for the Magnum agency for almost thirty years, this adventurer is more familiar with conflict zones than fashion studios.
His portrait of Sharbat Gula, a young green eyed Afghan girl published on the front page of National Geographic in 1985, has been seen throughout the world.
He has also received several prizes for his coverage of the war in Afghanistan. (© photo: AP)

Steve McCurry website


The photo shoot location: Rio de Janeiro

As the setting for its calendar, Pirelli returned to Brazil, a country full of promise, and more specifically to vibrant Rio de Janeiro.
As a seasoned traveller, Steve McCurry entered into the spirit of this colourful and fascinating city.

The photographer has chosen to tell the story of the city through faces drawn in graffiti and ordinary people alternating with sublimetop models

Boxing gym in RioCopyright © : Pirelli

A young boxer working out, the Brazilian top model Adriana Lima, a fruit seller in response to the Czech model Petra Nemcova, the capoeira masters practicing their art between portraits of the Tunisian Hanaa Ben Abdesslem and the Ethiopian Liya Kebede. A total of 34 photographs exhibiting a rare beauty.


The message: The beauty of everyday life

Following the natural style of Mario Sorrenti (2012), the provocative poses of Terry Richardson (2010) and the mythological ambiance of Karl Lagerfeld (2011), Steve McCurry proposes a baroque photo shoot. “I tried to portray Brazil, its landscape, its economy and its culture along with the human element” explains the photographer. He adds “For me, photography is an expressive means to tell the large and small stories of daily life.”

A bar in Rio through Mc Curry's eyeCopyright © : Pirelli
Exceptionally, there is not one single nude shot in this 40th edition of the Pirelli calendar.  Models, actresses and singers brought together for the event posed clothed in front of the American photographer’s lens.  Since all this years models are Ambassadors for foundations, humanitarian projects and non-governmental organisations, Steve and everyone agreed this was the right approach. The photos are none the less alluring.


100 photos of Steve McCurry for press freedom

Reporters without borders Mc Curry's albumCopyright © : All Rights Reserved
Reporters without borders (RWB) publishes three albums per year featuring photographs taken by a renowned photographer to finance its actions for press freedom. For its latest album, the association published 100 of Steve McCurry’s finest photographs taken in Afghanistan, a country he has covered for many years now. (© photo : RWB)

100 photos of Steve McCurry for press freedom, Reporters Without Borders, 9.90 €. Available on bookstores and on the RWB website.