Features - Peugeot RCZ: from the dream to the reality.

Peugeot RCZ: from the dream to the reality.

Features Published the 26/04/2010 by Jean-Guillaume

Presented at the 2007 Frankfurt motor show, the Peugeot concept car was met with immediate enthusiasm. Two and a half years later, it has given birth to the Peugeot RCZ, a unique sports coupé for the lion brand.

The first private vehicle not showing figures in the Peugeot catalogue, the RCZ seems to herald a new range of premium sports cars. With its dynamic, elegant style, the RCZ coupé dares! Original with its undulating roof, radical with its retractable rear wing, the RCZ is not just a clone of the Audi TT.

Dynamic and powerful, this 2+2 coupé is unbeaten on the road, thanks to a rugged chassis and accurate steering. A future hedonistic vehicle, the RCZ coupé will undoubtedly be an impulse buy, fully devoted to driving pleasure!

With a choice of 8 rims, the new Peugeot coupé will be standard fitted with 18'' tyres. However, the 19'' option with Continental Contact 3 235/40 R19 tyres will be available on the petrol versions.

Available on launch in a 2.0l 163hp diesel version (from € 27 400), and a 1.6l turbo 156hp petrol version (from € 29 900), the most awaited version will be the 1.6l turbo 200hp (summer 2010). Bring it on!