Features - New Volvo S60: technology at the service of the pedestrian

New Volvo S60: technology at the service of the pedestrian

Features Published the 17/03/2010

With the S60, Volvo is playing the safety card thanks to advanced technology combining pedestrian detection with automatic full power braking.

Volvo S60 orange au Salon de Genève Copyright © : rezulteo

This is a mini technological revolution by the Swedish brand with its new S60. It was already well known for its predilection for safety, but this new car is a huge step forward for Volvo in safe driving. Thanks to a new generation radar integrated in the front gill, a camera set into the back of the inside rear-view mirror and a CPU, the system detects any object within the car's field of vision, measures the distance and determines its nature. The system is programmed to take account of other vehicles in front, whether they are stationary or coming the other way. Thanks to the widened detection field of this new generation dual mode radar, pedestrians who may cross the vehicle's trajectory can also be detected more rapidly. The driver is then warned by a sound signal, combined with a visual warning located in the windscreen head-up display. At the same time, the braking circuit is precharged and if there is no response from the driver, full braking power is automatically applied. The new S60 offers a complete range of technology to make driving safer: a driver vigilance warning system, a blind spot detection system, active directional dual-xenon headlamps and a lane crossing alert.