Features - Michelin turns it up

Michelin turns it up

Features Published the 16/12/2010

The Michelin group has unveiled their new sound identity, designed with the help of the agency Sixième Son.

Michelin Mascot with musique Copyright © : Michelin

Lasting 32 seconds, this music inaugurated at the Motor Show, will be used on all its supports: radio, television, telephone switchboard, and for all types of communication.

For the Michelin Man, this is a logical evolution that coincides with the brands image strategy, as confirmed by Claire Dorlant Clauzel, Director of Communication and Brands and member of the Michelin Executive Committee: "This sound identity will enable the brand to convey the notions of movement, modernity, innovation, quality and pleasure through sound. It embodies the brand with energy, accentuating its personality and making it different. We were able to measure its wide, international understanding: in China, Russia, the United States, France and elsewhere, it was very warmly received."

To take a listen to this new sound, it all happens here: http://identitesonore.michelin.com/