Features - Mercedes Benz and Tyre Safe align

Mercedes Benz and Tyre Safe align

Features Published the 06/01/2010

TyreSafe, the aptly named UK tyre safety non profit organization now has Mercedes-Benz as a partner in their quest to raise tyre safety awareness

Mercedes-Benz and Tyresafe partnership Copyright © : ©istockphoto - Yuri_Arcurs

As a part of the initiative, the manufacturer will support national campaigns concerning tyre safety and looks to begin tutoring programmes for new garage employees to inform them of the dangers  of untended tyres. “We fully support the aims of TyreSafe and the excellent work they are carrying out to raise awareness of the issues associated with driving on poorly maintained tires,” noted Chris Cromey, national sales and marketing manager for Mercedes-Benz. To find out more about driving safely in all weather, consult rezulteo’s tyre safety guide.

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