Features - Ferrari HY-Kers hybrid

Ferrari HY-Kers hybrid

Features Published the 17/03/2010

At the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari presented its laboratory vehicle, the HY-Kers, the Italian brand's first hybrid model.

Ferrari HY-Kers Verte au Salon de Genève Concept hybride Ferrari HY-Kers - Copyright © : Rezulteo

From the outside, nothing differs in this model from the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorino, except for its green colour, rather unusual at Ferrari. Under the bonnet there is an electric 110 hp engine alongside an unchanged V12 of 620 hp, practical for compensating for the 80kg extra weight. This electric engine is connected to the F1 7-gear gearbox via one of the two clutches. Thus, on braking, the kinetic energy is converted to electricity to power the car's equipment. The difference however, can be seen at the pump, with savings of the order of 35% in CO2 emissions and in consumption. A nice "city car" which should be mass produced within three years.