Features - Cygnet: a luxury commuter car

Cygnet: a luxury commuter car

Features Published the 17/03/2010

In Geneva, Aston Martin unveiled the Cygnet, the first luxury micro commuter car. In collaboration with Toyota, who supplied its IQ platform, the British manufacturer is offering a solution for urban driving, to comply with the emission standards to be imposed by Brussels in 2012.

Intérieur rouge de l'Aston Martin Cygnet au Salon de Genève Intérieur cuir Aston Martin Cygnet - Copyright © : Rezulteo

A very reasonable engine contrasts with the passenger compartment. The Cygnet is available in 1.0 L and 1.3 L versions under a typically Aston Martin front grill with air vents on the bonnet and wings. The interior is mainly leather, with a finish reminiscent of the best upholsterers. The cherry on the cake is a leather bag in place of the glove box and the creation of a docking station on the central console for the iPhone. Sales should commence at the beginning of next year. Don't go rushing out to the brand dealer though, as these vehicles will only be sold to Aston Martin owners. And for a simple reason: the brand noted that 30% of their customers owned small city cars, such as the Mini or Smart. So, rather than see their customers go to the competition, Aston Martin decided to position itself in the micro-car segment. If you want something, better do it yourself...