Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Why manufacturers are turning to green tyres

Why manufacturers are turning to green tyres

Environment Published the 18/05/2011

As tyres are responsible for 20% of fuel consumption, the car industry believes that tyres with low rolling resistance are a way of reaching the goals set by the European Union in terms of CO2 emissions.

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Car manufacturers are preparing for 2012. They have promised the European Commission to reduce the average CO2 emission thresholds of their vehicles by this date. This threshold should not exceed 120g/km, compared to 140 currently.

Vehicles that exceed the CO2 emission thresholds will be penalised as follows: from €5/g up to 1 g over the threshold, to €45/g up to 3 g + €95/g for the fraction exceeding 3 g.

However, to leave manufacturers the time to adapt their ranges to these new standards, the percentage of vehicles taken into account for calculating average manufacturer emissions will be gradual: 65% in 2012, 75% in 2013, 80% in 2014 and 100% from 2015.

Carmakers see a possibility of enhancing the energy performance of their vehicles at a lower cost by the help of green tyre.

When the tyres can get below the critical threshold of 120g CO 2/km: the case of the Renault Laguna dCi 110.

Like all carmakers, Renault has made low CO2 emissions one of its priorities. While refining its ZE range (standing for "zero emissions"), their concepts Fluence and Zoé were presented at the Motor Show, Renault is reworking its range to bring as many models as possible down to the threshold of 120 g/km of CO2.

The Laguna Dci 110 ch FAP is a perfect example. This hatchback is fitted with 205/60R16 dimension Michelin Energy Saver tyres. "With this choice, we reached the critical threshold of 120g of CO2 per kilometre: it was a question of few grams, specifies Bernard Dumondel, head of electric vehicles in the customer service department. We therefore decided not to fit the 18-inch tyres initially planned. »