Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Second life for your tyres

Second life for your tyres

Environment Published the 07/04/2010

In a carphobic society, cars are required to be fully transparent, and all aspects of their development, manufacturing and disposal processes must meet specific ecological criteria.

Bicycle garage made of recycled tyres

There has also been a change in our modes of consumption leading to the birth of hitherto unknown markets based on recuperation. Paradoxical in our society, this mode of recycling used objects is a new notion, but which has existed for several years in other countries, and which does not have the same economic development. For the moment, it is difficult to speak of eaters of Bulgarian yoghurt or a real trend that will last, but in this emerging market, products made of used tyres are increasingly numerous.

Flower pots, garden furniture, mouse mats, Moroccan poufs, shoes, boxes for holding beauty products; there are many examples, and the only limits would seem to be the imagination of these recycling artists. A nice initiative that is all the rage.