Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Porsche Panamera S Hybrid : 6.8l/100 km (34.6 mpg) with Michelin green tyres

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid : 6.8l/100 km (34.6 mpg) with Michelin green tyres

Environment Published the 25/02/2011

Porsche finally unveil the Panamera S Hybrid, and officially announce fuel consumption of 6.8l /100 km (41.5 mpg)! This outstanding performance was achieved with Michelin’s “low rolling resistance tyres” which are available in their catalogue. With standard tyres, it consumes 7.1l/100 km (39.7 mpg).

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Following the Cayenne Hybrid, Porsche have once again demonstrated their desire to combine performance with respect for the environment. To do so, the new model is fitted with a 333 hp, 3L V6 engine originally by Audi combined with an electric motor which delivers a combined power of 380 horsepower and torque of 580 Nm.  These performances are certainly worthy of the Porsche brand, with a top speed of 270 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds.

The figures are even more impressive when it comes to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which equate to 159 g/km CO2 with Michelin green tyres, and 167 g/km with standard tyres.

With the Panamera, Michelin proves once and for all that low rolling resistance tyres are perfectly compatible with high-performance and can have a significant impact on fuel consumption.

The specially developed tyre is an all-season sports tyre, similar to the Pilot Sport A/S Plus N0.

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