Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - How Michelin sees the car of the future

How Michelin sees the car of the future

Environment Published the 09/06/2011

The 11th challenge Bibendum opened in true ecological fervour. This event, geared towards sustainable motoring, driven by the desire to "drive better", is a real opportunity for exchanging and presenting new technology. As the master of ceremonies, Michelin was not just content to draw up a plan; the manufacturer presented innovative technology, but not necessarily where you would expect.

Will - the first electric vehicle using Active Wheel technology! Copyright © : All Rights Reserved

Despite its name, this big industrial and technological circus does not revolve around the tyre. Here, the tyre is just one part of the car among many others, involved in a consortium whose ultimate aim is to work on the car of the future, and more generally on tomorrow's means of transport. The exhibitors' collaborative approach makes a point of showing that however environmentally conscious the car may be, it can still be educational, passionate and user-friendly, and in phase with the society in which it evolves.

In the search to optimize energy efficiency, Michelin has always been a pioneer and a leader in this segment. The Michelin Energy Saver tyre first sold in 1992 is proof. This was the first tyre of its kind to use the notion of low rolling resistance.

So we awaited Michelin with baited breath, impatient to know which novelty or novelties would be presented at this event. A new Michelin Energy Saver? Unfortunately not, but rather a presentation of various technologies that could be the precursor to the tyre of tomorrow:

1> Smaller tyres for better energy efficiency

Whether it be the width or the diameter, Michelin is working on reducing tyre dimensions with the aim of enhancing energy efficiency.

2> Michelin 3S Concept: The puncture-proof tyre

A puncture-proof tyre has been under investigation for many years at Michelin, who today have come up with a finished, and potentially saleable process.

3> Active Wheels and the fuel cell

The Challenge Bibendum was also an opportunity for Michelin to present projects the brand is working on, like the Active Wheel – a smart wheel concept which includes the tyre, the braking system, the suspension and the engine!