Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Hankook i-Flex: An airless future

Hankook i-Flex: An airless future

Environment Published the 16/10/2013 by Connor

Hankook caused a sensation at the Frankfurt Motor Show by presenting a revolutionary concept which aims to remove tyres from cars.

Hankook i-Flex Hankook has presented i-Flex, its new futuristic concept tyre at the Frankfurt Motor Show - Copyright © : Hankook

No tyre or rim

Frankfurt Motor Show HankookCopyright © : Hankook
Tyre manufacturers have been working for decades to improve tyres for cars. Each year brings new technologies and tyres continue to progress whether in terms of dynamic performance, driving comfort or reduced fuel consumption. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Hankook have taken the opportunity to reveal a concept that simply aims to replace tyres (and rims) with a complete new system, designed as a single part. The design is decidedly futuristic, as can be seen in these photos.


Simpler, more ecological

i-Flex, the nickname given to this technology, marks a total break with usual practices in terms of car tyres. Finished the tyre fitted on the rim; the rim and tyre combination is replaced by a lighter, all in one unit capable of absorbing any road irregularities without using air. 95% of its structure uses recyclable materials. Noise emissions and even fuel consumption are much lower than that of a conventional tyre. 

Hankook i-Flex on the Volkswagen UpCopyright © : Hankook

On paper this tyre has everything to eventually replace the tyres on our cars. At present it is only a concept, presented at Frankfurt by Hankook and shown on a Volkswagen Up prepared by Abt. Could this type of technology be used in mass production one day? We’ll have to wait a few years for the answer.