Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Goodyear: greener than ever

Goodyear: greener than ever

Environment Published the 19/05/2010

Goodyear has just announced a new process to produce isoprene, one of the constituents in tyres, without using oil. A real revolution.

Major manufacturers have entered the race to manufacturer ever greener tyres. All avenues are being explored, from the use of recycled or recyclable raw materials to the use of renewable raw materials. This is new. In partnership with a biotechnology company, Goodyear has developed a new process to produce rubber made of natural isoprene. (using a chemical reaction, isoprene enables rubber to be solidified definitively). Interesting progress when you know that rubber makes up 25% of the composition of a car tyre and needs nearly 30 litres of oil to manufacture. The process for making biological isoprene is quite complex to describe, but it would seem to be opening up interesting perspectives on the market for ecological tyres. This new technology should be available on the market within five years.