Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Frankfurt Motor Show: Tyre manufacturers are also preparing tomorrow’s car

Frankfurt Motor Show: Tyre manufacturers are also preparing tomorrow’s car

Environment Published the 03/10/2011 by Jack

Car manufacturers were not the only ones exhibiting their prototypes at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Michelin, Bridgestone, Hankook and Kumho used the event to unveil their research in the sustainable mobility field and present a few tyres that are about to hit the market.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 futuristic car Copyright © : All Rights Reserved

The car industry crisis is over: this is the message that manufacturers wanted to convey at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Mingling with those offering dreams and performance, the responsible mobility theme remained strong.  Gigantic stands, mega shows, goodies galore: it was a far cry from the sobriety of the Paris Motor Show. Mercedes, BMW or Audi, pulled out all the stops to shine at their home show: In the alleys, it was rumoured that Audi spent 20 million euros to build and power its "Ring"!

2011 Frankfurt Motor Show Audi RingCopyright © : Josh Decker - Audi

The Audi Ring was one of this show’s main attractions. 

Several tyre manufacturers were present.  Their goal? Show that they too are preparing tomorrow’s car. On their respective stands Michelin, Bridgestone, Hankook and Kumho presented tyre prototypes designed for future hybrid vehicles. It was also an occasion for them to unveil a few new products.

  • Michelin, heavily invested in sustainable mobility fitted the Tubik, a sort of futuristic van imagined by Citroën, or the Ampera, the hybrid saloon from Opel.

Michelin Prototype tyre on the Citroen TubikCopyright © : All Rights Reserved

Michelin Prototype for the Citroën Tubik

  • Bridgestone chose to highlight its winter range.  Notably the Blizzak LM80 designed for continental climates and the Blizzak WS70 for extreme northern European conditions. The prototype specially designed for the BMW electric range (BMW i3 and I8) could also be admired.

Frankfurt 2011 Bridgestone Prototype tyreCopyright © : All Rights Reserved

Bridgestone Prototype

  • Hankook exhibited two new tyres: The Ventus S1 Evo2, a sports tyre and the Winter I*cept RS, a winter tyre. The Korean also unveiled a green tyre prototype presenting, among other things, an optimised aerodynamic sidewall, a design that reduces resistance forces.  

Frankfurt 2011 Hankook prototype tyreCopyright © : All Rights Reserved

Hankook Prototype

  • On its stand Kumho presented a green tyre, the Ecowing 19, as well as a winter tyre, the Zen KW19 Evolution. Next to these new tyres, they exhibited several audaciously designed prototypes.

Frankfurt 2011 Kumho prototype tyre 2011Copyright © : All Rights Reserved

Kumho Prototype

  • Continental for its part decided to dedicate its stand to new instrumentation systems – driver assistance, braking systems, sensors, etc. – another of its business activities.