Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Bridgestone invents the “intelligent” tyre

Bridgestone invents the “intelligent” tyre

Environment Published the 24/10/2012 by Charlotte

Ecology and reliability: These were the themes presented on the Bridgestone stand at this year’s Paris Motor Show. The tyre manufacturer used this opportunity to present its “intelligent” tyre, which can detect changes in the road surface condition and share this information with other drivers.

Determine road conditions with Bridgestone’s CAIS system Copyright © : Bridgestone

Imagine a tyre fitted with sensors which can collect and transfer data to the vehicle’s on-board computer and then share this information with other drivers. The CAIS technology (Contact Area Information Sensing), developed by Bridgestone, offers exactly that. Presented at the Paris Motor Show, which recently opened its doors, this innovation is a promising development in terms of safety and comfort.

Diagram of the CAIS system, a Bridgestone technologyCopyright © : Bridgestone

In practice, the CAIS system comprises a module located inside the tyre tread. This module constantly detects tyre vibration and wirelessly sends the information to the in-vehicle analysis equipment. Analysed in real time, the result is returned as a road surface condition, and displayed on the on-board computer screen. The equipment classifies the road surface condition into seven categories: dry, semi-dry, wet, slush, fresh snow, compact snow and ice. 

Still at the prototype stage, the CAIS technology will provide the driver with a better understanding of dangerous situations: ice, snow and rain. But that’s not all: It will also share this information with other drivers travelling on the same road.

Winner of several awards, the CAIS technology will undeniably make a genuine contribution to road safety. However, if Bridgestone decide to market it, then it will take several years before the vehicle fleet has a sufficient number of vehicles equipped with the technology for a large scale use of collected information.