Green tyres, fuel savings, CO2 emission - Bridgestone goes green

Bridgestone goes green

Environment Published the 09/04/2010 by Laurent

In Geneva, Bridgestone was showing green … only green. The message was clear and the Japanese manufacturer was not hiding its strong commitment to the ecological way.

Stand de Bridgestone au salon de Genève

“To help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations”, that is how the worldwide environmental campaign is summed up by Bridgestone with the FIA (International Automobile Federation). This initiative, with the evocative “Make cars green” slogan, aims at reducing the impact of automobiles on the environment. A measure that is supposed to encourage the promotion of fuel-saving driving and the introduction of new technologies to help drivers to control their impact on the environment. It also aims at enhancing the design of tyres and developing “green” tyre ranges. Finally, it should promote worldwide use of lead- and sulphur-free fuels.

Since the campaign was launched on 5th June last, Bridgestone has worked with FIA Clubs in thirty-six countries to help train drivers in eco-driving techniques. To do so, the manufacturer has published and distributed a guide called “10 tips for green driving".

There is no longer any doubt that the official supplier will leave the Formula1 Championships. With this campaign, Bridgestone wants to leave by the front door, and “is preparing a change of image, and gradually moving from a high-technology manufacturer to an “Eco-responsible” manufacturer”, confides Gert Meylemans, press manager, on the brand’s stand.

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Geneva also offered the Japanese group the opportunity to present its latest technological, and of course, ecological innovations. The flagship of this technology is the new generation of ECOPIA “eco tyres”, designed for the European market. Among them are the Turanza ER300 ECOPIA, the B250 ECOPIA, the Potenza RE050 ECOPIA and the ECOPIA EP150. The special feature of this brand resides in the use of a rubber compound integrating NanoPro-Tech technology. Goal: to reduce rolling resistance and enhance safety.

The Premium brands are all launched in the “clean” tyre sector and each of them aspires to the leadership in this segment. They will be strongly encouraged, if not forced by new a European regulation. The European Parliament has made a new labelling system mandatory by 2012, specifying the performances of new tyres. Bridgestone, like its competitors, is preparing.