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Tyre inventor, Dunlop is now part of Goodyear, the third largest tyre manufacturer.

The tyre brand, sold all over the world, is synonymous with innovation and auto racing. 

Out of all of their innovations, the steel bead pneumatic tyre,  technologies that allow the driver to combat aquaplaning and the Run flat tyre are particularly memorable.

In competition, Dunlop is associated 24 Hours of le Mans, a competition that they won 34 times with prestigious manufacturers like Bentley, Jaguar and Ferrari.

In addition to  tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s, Dunlop also produces tyres for motorcyles and truck.

The brand also manufactures golf and tennis balls.


Important dates:

1888 : John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921) invented the tyre by wrapping the wheels of his son’s tricycle with several fine rubber sheets. He inflated the tyre with a balloon pump and used the top of a baby’s bottle for a valve.

1922 : Creation of the first tyre with steel rod and canvas casing. This system, still used today, makes it possible to triple the tyre’s life.

1927 : World speed record at 328 km/hour recorded at Daytona.

1930 : Fourth consecutive victory at  24 Hours of le Mans with Bentley.

1947 : World speed record at 630 km/hour with the Railton Mobil Special of John Cobb.

1948 : Launch of the tubeless tyre.

1951 : Beginning of a series of 24 Hours of le Mans victories with Jaguar.

1962 : Launch of the aquaplaning resistant tyre.

1965 : Seventh victory at the Formula 1 championship with Jim Clark driving Lotus.

1973 : Dunlop is the first to produce and sell the Run Flat tyre system, which preceded Runflat.

1988 : For their hundreth anniversary, Dunlop triumphed with Jaguar at 24 Hours of le Mans.

1994 : Developement of an ultralight tyre which lowers a car’s weight by 12 kg.

1999 : Presentation of an intelligent tyre, which warns the driver of a loss in tyre pressure.

2002 : Developement of a three zone asymmetrical tyre which combines security with a sporty and sillent drive.

Competition / sports sponsorship

Automobile competition:

  • The Dunlop name is closely associated with 24 Hours of le Mans.
  • German championship of private cars.