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event-tyres.co.uk information


Visa Mastercard Cash Maestro Solo

Secure payment : Yes

Privacy policy : Yes

We use the latest Mobile Chip & Pin technology to ensure your payment details remain safe at all times

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Price difference refund

No, event-tyres.co.uk does not apply a price difference refund.


Ordering system : Telephone, Fax, Internet

Order tracking: Internet

Delivery by event-tyres.co.uk

Delivery site: Home, Other address, Mobile fitting at your home or work.

Normal delivery timeframe: approx. 1 - 5 days

Mobile fitting

Mobile fitting services: Yes

Price: The prices shown include mobile fitting

Mobile nb trucks: around 30 mobile vans

Other services offered by event-tyres.co.uk

Supplementary guarantee of the retailer: No

Customer may contact event-tyres.co.uk at

Customer service phone number: : 0800 810 0972

Customer service email : customerservices @ event-tyres.co.uk

Customer claims phone number : 0800 810 0972

Customer claims : contactus @ event-tyres.co.uk

Contact details for the event-tyres.co.uk central office

11 Easter Court
WA5 7ZB Cheshire

0800 810 0972

www.event-tyres.co.uk M11 1AA