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First Stop
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First Stop information

Book appointments online at First Stop

No, First Stop does not let you book appointments online.


Visa Mastercard Paypal

Secure payment : Yes

Privacy policy : Yes

We are delighted that you are interested in our company and in our products and services. We would also like you to feel secure in the knowledge that your personal data is safely protected when you visit our websites.

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Price difference refund

No, First Stop does not apply a price difference refund.


Ordering system : Telephone, Internet

Order tracking: Internet

Delivery by First Stop

Delivery site: Other address, Centre, Mobile fitting service.

Mobile fitting

Mobile fitting services: Yes

Price: Non

Mobile nb trucks: Unknown

Other services offered by First Stop

Supplementary guarantee of the retailer: No

Oil change: Yes

Brakes: Yes

Shock absorbers: Yes

Exhaust: Yes

Air conditioning: Yes

Customer may contact First Stop at

Customer service phone number: : 07711 679 772 (Mobile rate)

Customer service email :

Customer claims phone number : 0800 71 99 03

Customer claims : firststop-online @

Contact details for the First Stop central office

First Stop
Kleine Kloosterstraat 10
1932 Zaventem, Belgium

01 926 488 500