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Rolls Royce "Discreet pleasure"

Business Published the 18/12/2009 by Laurent

"With the Ghost we really wanted to step away from the classic Rolls Royce image with a design that is more dynamic," said Dan Balmer, product manager for Ghost who was present at the last Frankfurt motor show.

In other words, with the Ghost, Rolls is revamping its image and is concentrating on letting the driver appreciate the perfect pleasure of driving. “The car is effortless to drive” added Dan Balmer. The luxury car manufacturer will certainly continue being the brand of choice for the Royal family. There is a night vision system, a pedestrian warning system, a bonnet housing a V12 Turbo with 563hp as well as automatic ZF transmission.  This is a much more discreet, less ostentatious model that is sure to meet the wishes and desires of Rolls Royce's clientele. It has leather, chrome, 4 zone air conditioning and split rear seats, they have even thought of umbrella holders in the rear doors. Fuel economy has been improved, with low rolling resistance tyres and an energy regeneration system which uses the energy produced by braking to re-charge the battery.  It should be on the market as early as December 2009 and priced from €213,000. The Ghost comes fitted with Goodyear Excellence tyres.