News from tyre manufacturers and distributors - Popgom in full health

Popgom in full health

Business Published the 08/04/2010

The online tyre sales website Popgom has just announced sales of 7.3 million Euros in 2009. Already present in three European countries, it plans to move into others.

Launched in France in October 2008, Popgom is also present in Spain and opened a site in Germany last October. It lists 2000 fitting centres in Europe for the three countries covered, 650 of which are in France. Over the next five years, it plans to gain a 25% market share in the online B2C tyre market. It is planning to set up soon in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia and the Nordic countries. The key to its success is an overall offer including fitting in the price of the tyre. Popgom declares over 4000 orders per months for 250 000 single visitors per month.