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Michelin campaigns to conquer the world

Business Published the 18/12/2009 by Laurent

Michelin: On October 7th Michelin launched its first global advertising campaign. The slogan titled “The right tire changes everything” aims to illustrate the competitive advantages of the French manufacturer to a worldwide media.

Michelin publicity sheet

Michelin aims for the top and to achieve market supremacy no holds are barred when it comes to conquering markets worldwide.  This new international advertising campaign hopes to explain to consumers the advantages its tyres will bring:  better road holding/grip, longer life and improved fuel efficiency. In a competitive context, it is worth remembering that by buying Michelin tyres, the driver can reduce fuel bills, improve on driving safety and keep tyres for longer.

In this campaign, Michelin returns to its communication roots remembering the strength of its use of its posters in the first half of the 20th century. The brand, founded in Clermont Ferrand has chosen a cartoon style theme with the celebrity guest star of course being its famous mascot the ‘Michelin Man’ – Bibendum.  The hero with a big heart intervenes in dangerous situations to help out motorists by solving defective tyre problems. Luckily his body mass being made up of spare tyres means he is able to provide one of his very own Michelin tyres as a replacement to the flat or faulty tyre.  The motorist, having been rescued, can take to the road once again with peace of mind thanks to Michelin.


This campaign first launched in the USA on October 7th by means of advertising spots, press releases and web communication will make its way through 55 countries before reaching Europe and Asia at the beginning of 2010.  The Michelin man will be on the road for a pretty long trip which will take him through Africa, the Middle East, India and South America. Created by TBWA, this is a publicity stunt never tried out before and which just shows the determination of the French Company to retain its leadership.