News from tyre manufacturers and distributors - Gran Turismo : a family affair

Gran Turismo : a family affair

Business Published the 11/12/2009 by Laurent

Pioneer of the four seater, Maserati came out with the Quattroporte in the sixties. 40 years later, other prestige makes follow suit. Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche now offer their version of a saloon car

It was a first for the Stuttgart based company when they unveiled their first 4 door Coupé, available on the market as of last September 12th. The Porsche Panamera is presented in 3 versions S, 4S, and Turbo. According to Stefan UTSCH, head of sales and marketing of the Panamera, this is a car that should fit in somewhere between a classic model and “the Cayenne” so offers a good compromise between comfort combined with a sporty drive.

Engineers haven’t just focused on the interior design but also on its aero dynamism with a completely flat under-floor for air resistance. A “cleaner” model with a direct injection engine, low resistance tyres and new more effective brake discs, the Panamera S specifications show an average consumption of 10.8 l /100km. Its price depends on the models being shown but ranging between €96,000 and €137,000.

The Panemera comes equipped with Pirelli tyres.


Aston Martin proves that it hasn’t been idle as the English car makers present the “Rapide”, their latest saloon car. 
A real treat to the eyes, this new model blends the elegance, refinement and performance that we are accustomed to with Aston Martin.  Under the bonnet hides the V12 6 litre engine that packs a 470 hp kick, a mechanism that’s powerful enough to take the engine to almost 300 km/h. When it comes to its shapely line, it keeps its natural class thus living up to its name - sobriety and elegance combined. Named the most beautiful 4 door car in the world by its makers, it comes with a price tag of €300,000 so it may still be a dream away.

The Rapide comes with Bridgestone tyres.


Ferrari hits a high note in the sports saloon concerto with the latest 612 Scaglietti, quite simply the fastest 4 seater coupé in the world. With this new model, Ferrari has succeeded in justifying a compromise between luxurious comfort, leather interior, perfect finishing touches with a car that maintains its sporty feel by means of numerous details that remind us that we are truly in the realms of a sports car. 

La 612 Scaglietti comes with Pirelli tyres.


And finally, the list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Lamborghini Estoque. This is a real revolution for the make with the bull emblem that is usually destined to passionate sports cars enthusiasts. This model has nothing dull about it. Recognizable with its large air vents with more aggressive lines, this 4 door, 4 seater coupé houses a V1, 560 hp. engine.

The Estoque comes with Pirelli tyres.