Know the Bridgestone tyre better. To know more about the origins and history.

Bridgestone information

The Bridgestone group was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi, whose name literally means "stone bridge”.  Bridgestone’s headquarters are in Tokyo.

Present all over the world, Bridgestone’s annual sales for 2008 were 2,623 billion yen (around £18  billion) netting 104 million yen (£0,71 million). 

At the end of 2008  Bridgestone employed more than 89,000 people working in 209 companies in 23 different countries.  

Bridgestone devotes 3.5% of its sales revenue  to budget research and development. In 2008, this amounted to  93 billion yen (600 million euros). Among Bridgestone’s outstanding technological innovations, the nail free snow tyre (1982) and the high performance Potenza tyre range (1986) stand out. 

Apart from passenger tyres, Bridgestone actively produces motorcycle, truck, agriculture, earthmover and aviation tyres

The group also produces sporting accessories (golf and tennis mainly), bicycle tyres, and derived industrial products, and noise blocking materials. These products accounted for 19% of Bridgestone’s activity in 2008.


Important dates :

1931 : In Kurume, a town in southern Japan ; Shojiro Ishibashi, former producer traditional rubber shoe soles, began Bridgestone. Bridgestone manufactured car tyres, and the new subsidiary company was given its own anglicized name (Ishibashi means “bridge stone”).

1953 : Twenty years later, Bridgestone became the most important tyre manufacturer in Japan.

1962 : The construction of a technology center in Tokyo marked the beginning of a research and developement program.

1979 : Bridgestone developed a technology that permitted worn tyres to be converted into fuel for cement factories.

1988 : Bridgestone acquired the Firestone Tyre & Rubber company.

1997 : Bridgestone began their affiliation with Formula 1.

2007 : Purchase of Bandag, an American tyre retreading specialist. 

Competition / sports sponsorship

Automobile competition:

  • Bridgestone made its Formula 1 debut in 1997. They won seven world titles with Ferrari and Michael Schumacher.
  • Exclusive supplier for the Formula 1 championship until 2010.
  • Bridgestone is also present in the Super GT races.


Motorcycle competition:

  • After winning six MotoGP world championships, Bridgestone became the permanent, exclusive tyre supplier for the competition.